Charlotte and her cat Mew

Charlotte Mielswetzski is a manipulative, lazy, and ginger young teenager that goes to Harnett Preperatory School. She starts off depressedly and lethargically walking back from school after failing to secure a play position she had only hesitantly applied for in the first place. A suprise kitten brightens her easily changed mood, demonstrating that she can, in fact, be happy. Charlotte spends most of her time brooding over all the negative things that regularly occur in her life and is described as permanantly having a black cloud above her head. This pessimesitic attitude changes as the book progresses.

Her remorseless side is shown early on in the novel; she makes up stories to her parents and teachers to make her life more convenient. Although Charlotte never expresses regret over these fibby fabrications, her parents begin to catch onto them by the end of the book. She is quite polite and compassionate to those she grows to like, such as her cousin Zachary and her teacher Mr. Metos.

Charlotte's cowardice is evident in the book (she even admits to being a coward at one point) but there is a definite turning point when Zachary is sleepwalking outside with the aberrations known as Footmen (the scary bad guys, basically) likely stalking him and Charlotte rescues him. From this event onward Charlotte is brave in dire situations. She enters the Underworld through a very long dark corridor, fights the Footmen and kills one of them, and handicaps the main villain Philencron by pushing him out of his throne onto the burning ground at the end of the book.

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