Zee Visits Grandma Winter - Winter Dies - Zee's friends start getting sick - Zee sees Footmen - Winter is turned into cat - Charlotte Mielswetzski finds Winter the Cat and names her Mew - Zee moves to America to Charlotte's house - Frank the Tomato Guy dies - Students from the Middle School they go to start getting sick- Mr.Metos, the English teacher, is revealed to be a descendant of the Titan Prometheus- Metos goes to the Underworld and is kidnapped - Zee and Charlotte go to Underworld - Zee is mind-controlled by Philoncron to enchant Shadows stolen by Footmen from sick students - Charlotte destroys Footmen - Zee escapes from Phil's grasp - Shadows attack City - Zee frees Metos - Phil tries to get Hades to surrender - Shadows attack Palace - Zee and Charlotte make the shadows stop - Phil is defeated by Charlotte and Zee and is banished to the Overworld forever by Hades.

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